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Case Studies


Case Study 1 - Practical Problem Solving

A large UK based company manufacture a ‘site facility’ product & provide on-site, round the clock, support for that product. Their customers are extremely pleased with both product and support.

One of the company’s most prestigious customers, challenged them to eliminate some of the minor interruptions in the highly valued round the clock availability of the product. They also wanted proof of the sustainable elimination of these interruptions, through a structured methodology. (This customer being an avid user of 8D)

Having no current embedded system to use, and a challenging time line, the business turned to D.E.E. for support.

What did DEE do?

  • Analysis of the problem presented by the companies customer.
  • Establish current and future problem solving needs of the business.
  • Develope a bespoke document set blending 8D & PPS
  • Create training tailored to the terminology of the business.
  • Deliver multi site training in problem solving with a cross section of the organization.
  • Aid in starting the initial problem solving project.
  • Fine tune documentation & training materials before rebranding them as the clients own, & handing them over.

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